Raul. Venezuelan. 1989. Airplanes. Pink Floyd, Redhairs and freckled girls.

I wanted to be a pilot but first I became a lawyer... now I can fly you all over the world while getting you a divorce.

Me dicen rulo, soy de Ccs, estudie en Valencia, vivía en la autopista regional del centro y mi closet era una maleta que nunca termine de desempacar... Era un pichon de abogado y un pichon de piloto, pero ahora soy ambos.

I'd rather be flying.
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    1/ 31 days of halloween

    The Shining (1980)

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    Ship 608 in her new retro livery. ~x

    She will be the re-opened Delta Heritage Museum’s new gate guard. If there was ever an aircraft designed to carry Delta’s best livery-to-date it’s the ever elegant 757.

    Delta, would you look at that? Over 100 people reblogged or liked this picture of your Delta Heritage Museum gate guard, a 757 in a heritage livery. What about everyone who saw the post?

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    Fibonacci Tattoo

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    Ely Guerra